Allow yourself to Move, Breathe, Deepen, Release and Transform

"The one who has conquered himself is a far greater hero than he who

has defeated a thousand times a thousand men"

Yogi Kevin

Discover a holistic inner transformative journey...

Raised in Spain with a spiritual education,

enthusiastic open hearted being and a passionate Yoga Teacher, I love sharing and inspiring others around Yoga, Spirituality, Qi-Kung, Meditation, Conscious Food and Nutrition, Music, Overtone Singing...

Introduced to Hatha Yoga in India and Vinyasa in Bali, exploring the different practices around the globe, I use a unique anatomical alignment based Hatha / Vinyasa creating intelligent sequences that allow the development of strength and exploration of depth.

As we breathe, move and focus, we come into a meditative state creating inner-space and peace, discovering other dimensions of ourselves.

I offer Transformational Bodywork massage Therapies. I'm a internationally licenced Alchemy Of Touch therapist and I invite you on a journey to from your pain body to your bliss body.

Offering consultations, guiding how to have a more balanced lifestyle, more sattvic healthy diet, nutrition, or intimate life. I work with a team of very skilled holistic therapists. Vegan / Vegetarian Chef, offering courses, caterings or advices for restaurants, private clients, hotels and retreats, spreading the message of the medecine present in the food.

Singer guitarist I use my voice and music to bring more magic in the work I offer.

We are all different beings, learning to  tune into our uniqueness to embrace ourselves in a more loving way.


Retreats / Therapies / Teachings / Courses

Yoga Retreats / Classes / Workshops / Body Work / Cooking Courses / Tantra Trainings / Healing

Enjoy the power of Now. Offer yourself the opportunity to immerse your being into a deeper and more profound experience creating space for your own transformation.

We create a safe space to allow to dive deep within, usually in a dream location house and place in the world : Goa, Ibiza, Mexico, France, Portugal.. to strengthen our practice in our life, yoga, with ourselves.

It is the chance to spend quality time with yourself, to learn to get to know yourself.

I work with very skilled and talented therapists offering different kind of treatments in house, often complementary included in the holiday, you get the chance to have a full experience.

Next Dates 2019 :

- Sacred Masculine Celebration Weekend w/ Benjo Podlech: 14th - 17th November / Ibiza (open to all genders)

- Winter Core Weekend: 21st - 24th November / Ibiza

- iHolistics w/ Mario Sanchez : 24th November - 04th December / Tulum Mexico 

Next dates 2020 :

- Mid Winter Almond Blossom Retreat : 8th - 13th February / Ibiza

- Empowering Weekend: 14th - 17th February & 21st - 24th / Ibiza

- Goa Magic Yoga Retreat : 07th - 14th March / India

- Yoga & Detox Revitalizing Retreat: 10th - 16th April / Ibiza

- Shamanic Yoga Weekend: 17th - 20th April / Ibiza

- Spring Refreshing Retreat: 2nd - 8th May / Ibiza 

I offer different services from Group or Individual cooking classes / courses and workshops around activated alive vital food, fermentation, usage of ingredients juicing and detox. Bring your modules at home to creat an activated and juicy lifestyle.

Cooking for Retreats or private holidays

Private coaching for a healthier lifestyle, improved nutrition and tips for more fun juicy and vital life.

Contact me for different cooking courses or workshops happening

We offer different kind of Sexual Transformation trainings, weekend trainings in Amsterdam, Ibiza, Paris and Hong-Kong. One to one consultancy for men and women. Men's work including men's circles and gatherings.

Circles can as well include sweat lodges - sharing - group work.

Therapies including Shamanic practices and ceremonies from different traditions with or without plant medicines. 

I offer Transformational Body Work massage from different traditions and I'm internationally certified Alchemy Of Touch therapist.

It includes MyoFascial Release, Joint Release, Deep Tissue, Visceral Work, Fluid Touch, Joint Mobilization, Digital Pressure, Energy Work, Thai Yoga Stretches...  

Drop a message for any questions.




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The workshops and Masterclasses are a good way to experience in detail the dynamic and mechanics of the different  teachings and practices.

We have more time to explore with  precision and control. Different kind of disciplines are explained and deepen and all levels are welcome.

Come and discover my approach and variety of styles.

- Traditional Hatha Yoga

- Intuitive Vinyasa

- Power Vinyasa - Handstand 

- Animalistic Movement 

- Cross Core Vinyasa Martial Arts Orientated

- Qi-Kung

- Meditation

- Breath work

- Pranayama 


- Espace Yoga Bikram Paris: December

- Caelo Yoga Studio Paris: December 

- Anahata Studio Paris: December  




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“The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew. Seek therefore, not to find out Who You Are, but seek to determine Who You Want to Be.”

Neale Donald Walsch

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